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 Physiology is the science of the functions of living organisms and their parts. It forms the foundation of all medical sciences. Physiology is a very broad scientific discipline that sits at the heart of many related subjects. As a subject, it spans from the molecular and cellular level through to organ, tissue and whole system level. It provides the bridge between scientific discoveries and their application to medical science.
When we talk about Human physiology, it is the study of the functioning of the human body from the time of conception till old age under resting as well as in altered conditions.
Our vision is to create dedicated, competent and compassionate doctors whose ultimate goal is to serve humanity and uphold the ideals of the noble profession.
Physiology, the Science of life is the foundation of clinical medicine. The knowledge of the intricate workings of different body systems and their complex interrelationships forms the core of the subject. This understanding enables the students to correlate between the pathology of a disease and its treatment in contributing to the development of the core skills of a competent doctor.

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