Department Details :

Introduction to Department of Biochemistry.

Scope of services:
The Biochemistry department is involved in teaching undergraduate students viz., MBBS, BPTh & B.Sc (Nursing) students, conducting research and maintaining high standards in diagnostic services. 

The Department of Biochemistry is run by a group of experienced and talented doctors and faculty who provide diagnostic laboratory services to outpatients and inpatients. The laboratory is intended to serve as a referral laboratory for physicians of this hospital as well as for those practicing in the surrounding areas. Routine Biochemistry and specialized tests like hormones, tumour markers, vitamins etc., done in labs that have the latest equipments. 
The faculty and students are encouraged to do research and publish scientific papers.

Students Practical Laboratory
Biochemistry department has  Student Practical Laboratory of 207 area for smooth conduct of practicals. It has separate tables with wash basins, Cupboards, Reagent racks, Centralised gas supply with externally connected gas cylinders, Exhaust fans, Fire extinguishers, Fume cupboards, 2 Preparation rooms along with one fully equipped research laboratory.
Demonstration room

 Biochemistry department has two demonstration rooms, around 75 sq m each provided with Audio-Visual aids which can accommodate at least 80 students.

Departmental library cum seminar room

Biochemistry department has separate library (57 sq m) with a capacity to easily accommodate 20 people. It includes different books of medical and specially Biochemistry fraternity.   

Research laboratory
One research laboratory of 51 sq m area equipped with UV-spectrometer, centrifuges, balances, hot air oven, electrophoresis apparatus, flame photometer etc. for research work in the department. The faculty members and undergraduate students are involved in research, pursuing core knowledge in subject Biochemistry and Biochemistry research.

Central Clinical Biochemistry laboratory :
Central Clinical Biochemistry laboratory is a part of Centralised laboratory located on the ground floor of the hospital area. The lab is ISO 15189: 2012 “Medical laboratories- Requirements for quality and competence” certified and offers 24/7 services, possesses experienced technical staff. Large No. Of  routine and special investigations are carried out on highly sophisticated instruments like Fully automated Analysers, Hormone Analysers, Semi – Autoanalyser, Electrolyte analyser, ABG Analysers with efficiency in working & quality of reports.

Vision :

1. To provide an atmosphere to acquire skills in identifying the link between biological and human resources and  transform it to enhance the quality of life.

2. To provide a center of excellence that promotes the understanding of the
molecular events that underlie normal and pathological functions in medicine and
other allied  health sciences.

3. To provide high quality education and learning experience for UG  students through

a. Application of Innovative teaching methods and emphasis on development of critical thinking and clinical diagnosis.
b. The provision of stimulating collaborative scientific environment.


Department of Biochemistry has an excellent history for training of UG students both laboratory and in classroom.

1. To generate new tools and knowledge that will advance our understanding of theliving world and enhance the quality of life through better medical care, diseaseprevention measures and nutrition.

2. To provide opportunities for carrier development of students and staff. Contributeto the public understanding for the life sciences and molecular medicine.

3. To translate our discoveries into meaningful application for better health care andeconomic development through community outrich programme.

4. The mission of Ph.D. programme is to provide flatform to researcher and translation of new knowledge concerning molecular basis of life.

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