Department Details :

The Department of Microbiology functions under the aegis of DVVPFS Medical College & Hospital. The Department is poised to meet the requirements of the medical fraternity at the institution. The Laboratory services available are proportionate to the clinical services offered in the institution. Investigation of a disease is an important part in the diagnosis of disease. With newer diagnostic techniques, it is now possible to detect various diseases using simple tests at a cost that the community can afford.
It highlights the basic laboratory techniques for processing clinical samples that should be stringently followed in our lab. All the major sections of the microbiology diagnostic services are present and the team of highly competent technologist deliver quality credible result in the minimum possible time. In the selection of techniques, particular attention has been paid to low cost, reliability and simplicity of methods and to the availability of resources in medium and small laboratories. The department of Microbiology is located on the second floor of the medical college building. The Microbiology laboratory is divided into various sections depending on the nature of tests carried out. The various sections are Bacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology, Virology, Serology, Immunology, Mycobacteriology, Molecular diagnostics, media preparation & Storage. The department also runs an effective hospital infection control services. 

Vision :-
To disseminate knowledge of Microbiology amongst students & dedicated research compassionate medicine.

1. To introduce innovative methods of teaching to create interest about the subject in students
2. To get students involved in research & publish papers
3. Up gradation of museum with digital library
4. Conduct various orientation programmes to spread knowledge of various communicable diseases 
5. To improve staff student relationship so as to improve students morale
6. To excel in all aspects of diagnostic procedures in Microbiology of the highest standards.

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