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Pathology is one of the core branches in the medical universe possessing a vast array of technologies in its diagnostic armamentarium. It is a narrative of the disease process from its emergence at the molecular or cellular level to its culmination with organ changes and clinical symptoms. It effectively amalgamates all branches of science acting as a link between the pre-clinical, clinical and surgical branches.

Provision of state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities with standardized reporting
Becoming a pioneer in the field of education and research.
FOR PATIENTS: to provide efficient, excellent and prompt pathological reports and services which conform to the national and international standards.
FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: to create an innovative, interactive and simplified teaching environment to achieve an enriching experience for the students.
FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS: to provide a wholesome training, education and experience in the sub-specialties of pathology with opportunities in research
FOR STAFF PERSONNEL: to work towards a healthy work environment that promotes cooperation, professional growth and research.  



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