Department Details :

From the HOD’s desk :

Dr. Sushil Kachewar
Professor and HOD

Welcome !

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Radio-diagnosis. The department is housed in a hospital building on it’s ground floor and has facilities for Conventional/Digital Radiology, Mammography, Ultrasound/Color Doppler, 16 slice CT, 1.5 T MRI and Intervention Radiology. It has an yearly intake of 4 postgraduate students and the MD degree is awarded by The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.
It has staff and equipment as stipulated by the MCI and MUHS.
The department has a well-stocked book and film library for the benefit of the post-graduate students and faculty. It has a state of the art PACS with dual monitors for efficient reporting and archiving of images. The post-graduate residents and faculty meet every morning for daily academic activity and to take an overview of the cases and exchange feedback for seamless integration of various imaging modalities of the department. We call this a golden hour of Radiology education. Sometimes we take a little time off at the end of this session to celebrate happy occasions in the lives of residents and staff which augments the spirit of bonding and camaraderie. 
My doors are always open for any help and assistance.

Vision :
The department will strive for further excellence in delivering cost-efficient, timely and high-quality medical imaging and image-guided therapy services for a diverse patient population with the main emphasis on catering to the needy and underprivileged. Being a post-graduate training facility, the focus is to further uplift and lay down exacting standards of training and education which will stand the students in good state after acquiring their degree in national and international competitive career opportunities in radiology practice, academics and research.

Mission : 
  • To provide high-quality, safe & cost efficient imaging and interventional services to patients, referring physicians and hospitals in central Maharashtra.
  • To adapt to the ever-evolving innovations in teaching & learning methodologies so as to ignite the minds of students and faculty to undertake worthwhile research.
  • To empower our students and faculty so that they are at par with global standards with regards to their competence, professionalism, ethical practice of holistic, compassionate, evidence-based medicine with special emphasis on developing communication skills.

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