Department Details :

Our Vision 

•Provide standard healthcare to the rural population of central Maharashtra.
•Provide excellent training to medical students during patient treatment.
•Provide adequate surgical knowledge and skill to Undergraduate Medical Students.
•Provision of excellent knowledge, skills and orientation of research in surgical field to the Postgraduate Medical Students.
•Publication of Scientific Data and participation in National and International surgical conferences.
•Provision of advanced operation theatres and surgical ICU.
•Provide modern surgical equipment and advanced endoscopic and laparoscopic facilities to the patients.
•Provision of Surgical Superspeciality to the patients such as
 1. Oncosurgery
 2. Neurosurgery
 3. Urosurgery
 4. Paediatric Surgery
 5. Cardiac Surgery
 6. Transplant Surgery.

Our Mission

•Training of undergraduates and make them capable of delivering efficient surgical care at primary level
•To produce a competent surgeon
•Participation in national health prorammes
•Provide surgical superspeciality services

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