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In today’s competitive & fast-paced world changing lifestyles, unemployment, and many other factors have increased the stress of daily life. This has led to increased psychological problems particularly in young population. There is shortage of mental health workers in rural India. The department of Psychiatry was started in the year 2004. Since then the department has been gradually upgraded to present. Today department has one unit of 20 beds and constituted by Professor & Head, 1 Associate professor, 1 Assistant professor, 1 Senior resident and 1 Junior resident.



The Department of Psychiatry was established with the vision of providing quality medical education in the subject of psychiatry and promotes research in Psychiatry along with providing quality care mental health services in rural area.



1)To provide evidence-based teaching in the subject of psychiatry and to produce confident, competent and globally accepted medical professionals.

2)To develop problem solving skills in Students to manage common psychiatric disorders and Psychiatric emergencies. 

3)To contribute for the research in the field of psychiatry for ultimate aim of improving mental healthcare services and patient care.

4)To provide quality, affordable mental health services to the society and decrease stigma about psychiatric disorders.

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