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Department Details :

We have full-fledged, independent pharmacology department at Vikhe Institute Of Medical Sciences (VIMS) SINCE 2004. The department has grown in staff and materials- faculty and infrastructure since THEN.

The Department of Pharmacology at VIMS is involved in teaching Pharmacology to undergraduate MBBS, Nursing, Allied Health (physiotherapy) students. The Department of Pharmacology plays an important role in the educational and research missions of the VIMS.

The postgraduate program was started in 2011. It has obtained recognition in 2014.  Till date 3 PG students have completed MD pharmacology. We are deeply committed to medical graduate training. Our trainees successfully compete for prestigious positions in academia, industry and the government.
Eminent medical pharmacologists like Dr. Dahat Dr.Dahat S H & Dr.Nayak were the first TWO heads of that department. After they retired,  Dr.Gade P R is the head of department till today. Teachers with M Sc qualifications are also in the staff of the department. It was left to them to handle Nursing, Allied Health (physiotherapy)   programs. 

In addition to teaching, our faculty conducts research in such disciplines as cardiovascular, pulmonary, cancer, renal, central nervous system and behavioral pharmacology. 

Various research projects - clinical are carried out in the department. The faculty are also involved in guiding undergraduates for Short term studentship (STS) of ICMR, postgraduate thesis Several short term projects have received funding from the Indian Council of Medical Research so far. Our students (undergraduate and postgraduates) and faculty have presented papers in conferences and won several awards so far.

We have made substantial progress toward our goal of establishing an Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre viz under centre (Pharmacovigilance program of India) in next few months. The application has been sent to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India 

Now housed in a spacious four-storeyed building, the department has 4 big laboratories, library, seminar and instrument rooms, faculty rooms and office room. The four big labs are experimental pharmacology, clinical phramcology & pharmacy and research lab.

These labs have premier instruments for several drug evaluation procedures.  Just to name a few: plethysmometer, analgesiometer, colorimeter and so on. Department is having big museum with all the models, charts, photographs, drug samples & specimen.

The instrument room has some of the sophisticated, state-of-art instruments, mainly acquired through grants secured from institute. The pH meter, colorimeters, UV spectrophotometer, ELISA plate reader, are some of the notable instruments that support high-quality research work.

Vision  :
To provide scientific knowledge of drugs in related to Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, therapeutics and Drug toxicities to make a medical student trained in treating patient his/her clinical life.

Mission :
To upgrade the research lab by acquiring modern instruments like HPLC, HPTLC and Spectroflourometer to provide therapeutic drug monitoring(TDM) techniques to the hospital. 
To establish the drug information center. 
To establish the poison information center. 
To activate the existing Pharmacovigilance center. 

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