Introduction of Incubation Centre

DVVPF’S Medical College Incubation Centre is an educational Project which Provides specially designed incubators for colleges within their own premises. Various practical activities would help students gain confidence interactive sessions and group discussions with the students of other Incubation centres across India will help them enlarge their perspective. The proposed incubation centre shall nurture innovation and encourages entrepreneurial talents among students, faculty and people of the region. It shall facilitate inter-disciplinary research and provides incubation facilities to startup and budding entrepreneurs.


The major aim of this innovation and incubation centre is “To encourage the students and faculty members with innovative ideas and develop these ideas into commercial products and bridging the gap between industry and Academia” At thesame time support will be given to protect the ideas of the students as patents.



To create a culture where creativity and innovation are stimulated by Intellectual Property & Innovation for the benefit of all for promoting advancement in Healthcare research, arts and culture, traditional knowledge and biodiversity resource.


Giving opportunity to prospective students to bring out foster creativity and innovative ideas through competitions and brainstorming. Exploring innovative and creative thought, ideas or concepts from student’s research scholars, faculty members from various domains of society. It promote entrepreneurship and enhance socio-economic development, improve access to healthcare, food security and environmental protection, among other sectors of vital social, economic and technological importance for the benefit of India and society at large.


The center is founded on the philosophy of idea stimulation, incubation and enterprising of science and technology innovations for economic development


The main Objectives of Incubation Centre
1. Encourage students and faculty for innovation, idea generation and product development
2. Provides seed fund to transform an idea into a product
3. Arranges workshops for students and faculty in the field of entrepreneurship
4. Help with the patenting process
5. Aims to generate patentable ideas every year
6. Facilitates at least two innovative products that are socially relevant
7. Entrepreneurship with Pharma and Biotech Companies.


The facilities include dedicated well designed work/office spaces for the incubates with flexibility in occupancy – independent or co-working spaces as well as independent cabins to host start-ups with a 3- 4 member teams.
 The facility is equipped with meeting rooms for the start-ups/visitors, a multipurpose conference room with equipped with projector and audio/videoconferencing facilities.
 Computer with high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, access to rich digital library(including access to database and e-journals)  It has the support facilities such as printing, photocopying and scanning.
 Access to over Books related to innovation and incubation centre, research articles from several journals, Patents, copyrights,e-Journals, several charts constitutes Original articles, review articles and special case Reports.
 Library racks for placing Magazines

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee provides policy direction, source for funds and promotes the Centre development initiatives at regional and global arenas. The Centre has anAdvisory Committee comprising of:

1. Dr. Sunil Natha Mhaske (Dean)- Chairman
2. Dr. Vijay Patil (Professor I/C)- In-charge
3. Dr. Mr. Nagaraju D (Co-ordinator I/C)- Secretary


The Centre is managed by a in-charge and secretary who is responsible for day to day running of the Centre under general direction of the Principal and Management. In particular, the Chairman provides strategic, managerial and operational leadership at the Centre including coordination of routine activities, development and implementation of centre policies, procedures and action plans. Further, the Chairman coordinate talent search, link the industry mentors/collaborators and innovators/incubators as well as develop funding proposals for the Centre activities and manage funded projects andprogrammes.

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